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  • Brass knuckles is an award winning cannabis vape cartridge and a national pride in the cannabis industry. Known for its unique style and design but yet a very  versatile vaping device. Brass knuckles cartridge has been lab tested and crafted to meet the ideal taste of true vaper and cannabis connoisseur and suited to satisfy every vaper. Knuckle up!! and get ready to be blown away


    SATIVA Blue Dream Jack Herer Maui Sour Apple Sour Diesel Strawberry Cough Tangie INDICA Blue Berry Do-Si-Dos Grape God SFV OG Skywalker OG Tahoe OG HYBRID Gelato GG4 GSC LIMITED EDITION Brass Woods Gushers by Connected Kush Kola Napalm OG Abracadabra Los Angeles Kush
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    Buy MUV Distillate Prime Vape Pen Kit comes with the newest ceramic wick technology for clean, reliable medical vaping enjoyment. It has its parent strain Tangerine Kush, very potent and solvent-free. When you Buy Prime Vape Pen Kit with us, you stand the chance of protecting your device for the next couple of years than anticipated. Oder Prime Vape Kit Online.
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    TOK Super Atmo


    TOK Super Atmo pure cannabis hybrid with 60% THC.

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