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CannaButter recipe perfected with top-shelf cannabis products and creamy sticks of rich butter to create the most potent butter. This CannaButter recipe is ideal for just about every occasion, whether you’re looking to experiment, cook edibles, baking, or spreading over toast.

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buy cannabutter online uk

buy cannabutter online uk, A strong Cannabutter recipe with Mary Jane’s perfect touch begins with top-shelf cannabis products to make creamy sticks of rich butter. Especially if you are trying to create the most potent butter to make edibles. Although we don’t teach how to make weed butter at home, we offer you the opportunity to buy the best Cannabutter available on the market to try at home. All in all, our high-grade and strong weed butter recipe is ideal for any occasion, whether experimenting in the kitchen, cooking/baking edibles, or want to spread over toast.

This item can be shipped; however, it may melt when exposed to extreme temperatures. An ideal solution is to purchase a jar of Cannabutter. Purchase at your own discretion.

Best Cannabutter Fun Facts

  • 1 Stick = 500mg THC
  • 12oz Jar = 6000mg THC
  • Made with the best ingredients
  • Cannabis-Infused butter

Uses of Cannabutter

Now that you’ve made your cannabutter, you’re ready to make some cannabis-infused edibles.

Cannabutter can be used to make a nearly endless list of cannabis-infused edible recipes, like:

What are the Benefits of Cannabutter?

Many consumers prefer marijuana edibles made with cannabutter because they offer more extended and intense effects compared to other types of marijuana products. If you’re looking for long-term effects, foods made with the product are ideal. The effects of cannabutter marijuana edibles are delayed because they have to be digested before the compounds can reach the bloodstream.

Often times, the effects of the edibles are not noticeable until 30 to 90 minutes after they are consumed. Once the effects of the edibles do set in, they’ll typically last between 4 and 12 hours, depending on the concentration of THC, how much is consumed, and your metabolic rate and body weight. Marijuana edibles made with cannabutter also offer a more lung-friendly option for marijuana users compared to smoking weed. Smoking marijuana, like other plants, exposes your lungs to carbon monoxide and other byproducts and potential toxins.


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