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This is a unique cart in which has and is still winning so many great awards due to its purity in their product quality and also they are lab tested products. We strive to give to our client the best product available in the market

and we strongly advise clients not to buy refills but contact us for lab tested and verified products.

Our oil is gently coaxed from family farmed cannabis crops. We never use any harmful solvents and we purify the oil using our innovative cold refining process.

This allows us to produce exceptionally potent CO2 oil that is crystal clear, glows a beautiful amber color, and drips like honey. All Natural. Pure and Simple.


This battery offers a convenient switch blade style push button retracting cartridge. This prevents breaking batteries while you store them in you pockets or a bag.

The battery also has a direct USB charge, so you never need to use an adapter. Plug it in anywhere you can find a standard USB port.

The battery is long lasting and last days/weeks between charges depending on your usage. Finally, because it looks so much like a FOB key,

we added a keychain loop so you can always have carry it with you and enjoy a vape whenever the mood strikes you.


Only at thc vape daily can you get the best cobra carts, we offer a lab tested carts in which all our clients are always satisfy with our product, buy cobra extract online with us or buy cobra carts we do discreet delivery and express and cobra extracts just the best

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Platinum OG, Romulan, Granddaddy purple, Sky walker, GG4, Trianwreck, Blue dream, Tahoe OG kush, Tangie, Jack herer, Sour diesel, Lemon haze

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