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The Dime 510 thread 650mAh battery features an industry-leading 650mah battery that provides enough power to last all day, all week, or even all month for light users. Engineered to work in perfect harmony with Dime 1100Mg cartridges, this battery is the ONLY battery we recommend using with Dime.


Our own OG strain was created by crossing Jet Fuel, Hardcore OG, and True OG. The flavor profile is meant to remind users of that picture perfect OG, like the one you could smell through a dime bag. With diesel, lemon, pine and sweet notes, this will quickly become one of your favorite flavors. Even though Dime OG is a heavy indica, the Jet Fuel will lift you off into that dream-like state and have you!
Genetics: Jet Fuel x True OG x Hardcore OG
Effects: Happy, Sleepy, Euphoric
Prevalent Terpenes: Limonene Caryophyllene Oxide

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DIME BATTERY provides a brilliant experience. The concentrate is top-notch and is very smooth and palatable. The high is clean and the oil doesn’t leave any rest on the tongue. We strongly recommend using the atomizer as the magazine does look funny on most worldwide batteries.
The distillate within my Dime magazine was tested at a very nice 85.68% THC. It only took two hard hits before I start feeling the effects. The high is very elevating like a Sativa should be, and it lasts for a good 3 hours.

What is a dime battery?

What is a DIME BATTERY disposable?

Dime Industries brings your a Discreet, Convenient, Sleek Experience the difference with DIME’s 500mg disposable vape. … With this ready to use disposable, there’s no confusing buttons or difficult refilling, just inhale and get high. There are no compromises to quality when you chose DIME.
How do you use a disposable dime pen?
A typical. 5ml vape pen lasts for about 225 puffs.

Anyone can pick up and use a disposable vape pen in these simple steps:
Remove vape from the packaging.
If there is a button, click it, and an indicator light should turn on. If there is no button skip to step 3.
Inhale through the mouthpiece. …
Exhale the vapor

Dime Industries has been a leading trusted source of clean and potent medicine using state of the art hardware including premium food-grade stainless steel, glass, ceramic plates, and enhanced battery life. We strive to deliver a transparent experience through industry leading technology and high grade cannabis extracts resulting in an unparalleled smoking experience that not only ensures our fans an impeccable taste, but more importantly, a clean quality high you can trust. All of our Thc cartridges are assembled, filled, and quality checked in the USA to ensure consistency and quality. Join the Dime Family and stay tuned for new products and device releases!

“Think Higher.”

Battery Light Indicator:

Green Light – 100%-75% battery life

Blue Light – 74%-40% battery life

Red Light – Time to charge


INDICA ( Bubble Gum Kush, Forbidding Fruit, Dime OG, Peach Kush),

SATIVA (Blueberry Lemon Haze, Strawberry Cough, Jack Fruit).

HYBRID ( Apple Gelato, Watermelon, Wedding Cake)

we also have some top cartridges on our shelf like Mario Carts

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Additional Information

Dank Vapes Flavors

Mai tai, Cherry pie, GSC, Lemon berry, Green crack, Chemdog, Mars OG, Hardcore OG, Banana OG, Gelato, Orange chai, Blackberry kush, Anciet OG, Lemon head, Rose gold, Pineapple Express, LA confidential, Mojito, Blue dream, Purple punch, Dole whip, Jet fuel, Mimosa, Durbran poison, Jack Herer, Diamond OG, Strawberry shortcake, Ace of spades, Sour diesel, LSD, White Rhino, Fruity pebbles, Watermelon

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