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100mg TOTAL THC (20 x 5mg doses)

Low calorie & Fat Free

Gluten Free

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Stiiizy biiit gummies cubes, Our cannabis-infused gummies are bursting with tangy fruity flavor, consistently dosed, and low in calories. Each sour gummy cube contains 5MG of THC. The square shape is easy to half making them ideal for micro dosing. Start with one piece and wait 90-120 minutes for full effect.

  • 100MG Total THC
  • 15MG Per Serving
  • Safely packaged in child resistant tins

Product Lineup:

Available in 7 delicious flavors : Assorted Flavors, Strawberry, Orange, Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Green Apple.

Stiiizy gummies are bursting with a lot of flavour, making them tasty treats to get high on. Precisely dosed, with each gummy containing 5mg of THC, they are ideal for micro-dosing. Relax and unwind one piece at a time or take two or three to have a wonderful time. Just make sure to gauge your tolerance levels and take your time getting to know the product. Each tin contains 100mg of THC (20 x 5mg doses) which makes it both portable and discreet. Low calories make this an ideal treat for those trying to watch their figures while still trying to get high as a kite. Fat-free and also gluten-free, these Blue Raspberry flavoured treats are sure to leave you wanting more as they are an absolute delight to eat.

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Assorted Flavors, Strawberry, Orange, Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Green Apple

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